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Welcome to Bumps in Bloom

Formerly The Daisy Foundation Warrington & Lymm

The home of confident pregnancy, birth and early parenthood


Congratulations on your pregnancy!


I look forward to supporting you, your baby and members of your birthing team on this incredible journey. 


The range of classes I offer will provide you with continuous perinatal support to achieve a positive pregnancy, confident birth and an informed and supported journey to parenthood.


I’m so happy you found me!


Congratulations on your pregnancy!


You’re probably here because you’d like to feel more prepared, supported and informed about birth or maybe you’re looking to meet other like-minded parents-to-be and would like to join some supportive and nurturing classes for pregnancy, birth, baby and parenting. 


You have come to the right place! Bumps in Bloom is the home of confident pregnancy, birth and early motherhood/parenthood. 


I am Jo, the founder of Bumps in Bloom (formerly The Daisy Foundation for Warrington and Lymm) and I am a qualified Perinatal Educator, a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and a Mum of two gorgeous girls. Passionate about supporting and empowering women.


I can’t wait to start giving you the tools and time you need to feel calm, confident, empowered and informed on your journey from pregnancy to early parenthood.


You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.


Jo x

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Classes & Workshops

I would love to support you on your journey from pregnancy to early parenthood. Here are our classes and workshops, with more coming soon to your local community!

Lucy and Chris
Active Birth Workshop

The class was friendly, personal, and helped to put me at ease about a lot of aspects.


We found the most beneficial going through the 3 stages of labour and finding out about choices we have.


Jo was fab – very knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear way.

We will definitely take a lot from this workshop and hope to attend future classes with Jo when Baby is here. 

Jill and Pam
Active Birth Workshop

We really enjoyed the workshop, there was a lot of practical help. Particularly enjoyed the breathing techniques

Eleanor and Robert
Active Birth Workshop

The workshop was very informative regarding all the stages of birth. We found the most benefitable learning about the role of the birth partner and breathing techniques.


Jo was lovely and very approachable.

Active Antenatal Classes

LOVED the Active Antenatal classes! Have really enjoyed the breathing techniques – practise this daily……


I found the breathing techniques and antenatal education most beneficial – didn’t know anything about labour and now I feel really prepared.


Jo was amazing – so helpful and never judges.


Active Antenatal Classes

What I found most beneficial was the antenatal education – to be better informed and the breathing techniques – as a skill to take.


Jo was wonderful. Very welcoming and approachable.


Thank you so much for letting me ask so many questions. Guiding me through the process via education and giving me the confidence to feel empowered and informed with what my choices are.

Jess & Danny

Active Birth Workshop

Jo was lovely, friendly, and informative.


We found learning about the stages of labour most beneficial and the breathing techniques.

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Questions, comments or special requests? I’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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